Five-times published author. My first book is "Sealed" :

Apocalypse Now? New Novel Explores the End-of-Time and the battle of Armageddon before and after.

The year is 2007. Different branches of the U.S. military are fighting each other.
A traveling man brings relief to millions during natural disasters. 
A black American pope is elected. 

The apocalypse is on its way. WW IV, chaos, and natural disasters govern our world. All of these events and more merge to form Sealed, the provocative new novel by Tony Choufati Sealed is the story of a man chosen to relive Christ's life in modern times, who must solve puzzles and build a team that to help him figure out his identity and ultimate mission. 

Based on religious theory, prophecies, revelations, and predictions, Mr. Choufati's ideas run the gamut of religious doctrine, based upon years of researching the Bible, the Koran, and the writings of Nostradamus, among others.

 In describing the apocalypse of natural disasters connected to Christ's second coming, Mr. Choufati enhances his story with quotes from many religious works, sometimes in the original Latin and Aramaic.

 Is his story a prediction of what is to come? Do we need to reread our biblical history? 


The second book is a fast-action James Bond style with unbelievable inventions and new technologies. INCUBUS IMMORTAL SEED

Genetic engineering or cloning terror? Forty years after the final battle between the rulers of the world, Sir Harold Chapple, a British billionaire lord, is torn by his conflicting beliefs. He will have to decide and choose sides between British intelligence and advocates and their activists' allies calling for the fall of the new world order and the reversion to the era of technology and civil rights.

 Sir Harold, or ‘Duke’, chose to defend the new world order as the supposedly peaceful revolution took a turn into a more violent aggression dominated by militant militia leaders. Duke assembled a team of six — two gorgeous women and the best in the field of science, 

electronics, explosives, and coercion — and began his assault on Karl, the man believed to be behind this bloody new war. 

This is a novel full of breathtaking action, love scenes, and shocking surprises, and you will be kept in the dark guessing each move until the fascinating end.

No one will ever say that Tony Choufati lacks imagination. His far-reaching thriller, Incubus Immortal Seed, defies the traditional sub-genres of contemporary fiction. Predominantly science fiction, it also incorporates elements of military theory, technological research, sex, religion, and all out suspense. Choufati has worked in the field of computer science since the early 1980's, and he has inevitably drawn on his vast knowledge in this area to create this convoluted, fascinating tale.

Incubus Immortal Seed takes place in Britain in the year 2047, forty years after Armageddon and also following a UN resolution to ban technological advancement after the year 2007. This new world enjoys peace and serenity, brought together by the synthesis of faith and religion, but a constant sense of unrest threatens the integrity of this unbalanced civilization. What could be missing from a world without war or strife? Human emotion, passion, enlightenment, and...sin. So the world in 2047 seeks the intervention of a wise leader to restore what they desperately need. Sir Harold Chapple is just the man they're looking for, but boy does he have his work cut out for him.

The problem: the UN resolution against technology has been breached. The British secret service knows about the secret DNA research being conducted at the Mein-Welt laboratory, and knows that new genetic molecules are being used to create new DNA. But why, and for what global application? Chapple and his lover, Arielle, must put together a team and find the missing microscope and DNA jumper within twenty-four hours. And not to put any further pressure on them, but the entire planet is at stake. Colorful personalities and the unlikely pairings between characters help to season an already spicy plot, full of conflict, obstacles, and that ever-tantalizing "ticking clock

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