I am a seventy-three years old self-made man. Widower to Salwa Chaar, father to my son Anthony a successful attorney and father to Angie Clark working for Texas Oncology as a  Medical Technology Pathologist.

A graduate of Sir George Williams University in Montreal Canada. Permanently moved to Houston, Texas in 1977 and became an American citizen in 1982.

Worked in the grocery wholesale industry and in the oil and gas business before working for IBM as a Mainframe Systems Engineer before transitioning into marketing as an IBM Business Partner territory Executive for the Southwestern Region.

After 25 years I retired from IBM in 2005 and started my own marketing company promoting IBM equipment.

In 2008 I moved into a new business sector. I founded Pain Management Therapy a company that treats patients for all sort of pain using a Cold Laser device made by Microlight the ML830.

During those years I authored five books and became a five-time published author. The first book is "Sealed" and 'Advent' a second edition, and the second book is "Incubus Immortal Seed"

My third book is 'Treason Price of a State' and my fourth is 'The Oil Rat Pack'  

My fifth book 'I Found Him'.